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Environmental Policy
  • As the world is in the 21st century, environmental impact is a hot topic, particularly for the industrial sectors.

    MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd are committed to comply with the government and other organizations recommendations and is taking every step possible to provide a Green Clean where it is practical.
  • Where possible and practical MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd will:

    - Eliminate use of hazardous cleaning products.

    - Carry out a systematised plan for phasing out and/ or minimising use of hazardous cleaning procedures.

    - Are committed to use of products and packing made from recycled materials.

    - Are committed to recycling of waste materials.

    - We agree to comply with the department energy efficiency program.
  • Environmental Policy

    MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd has a total commitment to protection of the environment and to achieve a high standard of corporate citizenship by recognising its responsibilities to protect and enhance the environment.

    To implement this Policy MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd will:

    - Demonstrate Due Diligence in developing and maintaining environmental standards for use in its operations and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations;

    - Investigate and report fully upon any areas of environmental concern or any mishaps accidents or incidents;

    - Consider the environmental impact of any new proposed operations and the environmental importance of continuing present operations, giving due consideration also to the long term implications to health, safety and the environment, with respect to the use of goods and materials procured by MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd

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