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Quality Assurance Policy
  • MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd is focused on quality as we believe regardless of the business size or type, quality is a vital part of operation.

    MJ Hygiene Management Services have spent time establishing a quality assurance programs for all of their current customers sites; these programs vary from one site to the next as they are tailored around the customers specific needs and requirements.
  • At all of our customers sites daily audits are conducted to closely monitor quality and ensure both the MJ Hygiene Management Services and the customers standards are met.

    Monthly Audits are also conducted, and findings are processed and then used to generate a report which identifies any corrective action that is required to undertaken, as well as any changes that need to be made to any of our safe work method statements so as to improve the services we offer.
  • Quality Assurance Policy

    To ensure that each and every customer receives a quality service every time work is performed on their establishment, MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd has developed a range of documents to assist in guaranteeing a quality service.

    Below is a general list of documentation (Tools) which may be utilised by MJ Hygiene Management Services Pty Ltd:

    - SOP(standard operating procedures) staff are trained in these to ensure the job is carried out correctly.
    - Training History Card- used to identify which staff members can perform which task.
    - Training Documents- All staff is fully trained in the task prior to performing any work.
    - Corrective Action Reports- all identified issues will be recorded, then a corrective action report will be generated to ensure the issue is addressed in a timely manner.
    - Standard operating procedures shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain current and continue to meet all expectations of consistent quality.
    - Quality is a planned function of the company s activities, and is the responsibility of all staff members.

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