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Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Policy
  • MJ Hygiene Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing the very best working environment for their employees.

    This is achieved by having a well thought-out and extensive OH&S framework that meets the federal / state government standards and obligations.

    Every effort is made to ensure that MJ Hygiene Services comply with the standards and obligations, but at the same time being practical to carry out the duties at the same time.

    All of MJ Hygiene Services staff undergo an extensive training program, which cover site specific inductions, Chemical handling inductions and specific safe work method statements for each and every task required to be executed.

    Every staff member plays an important role in assisting the safety manager in the development of risk assessments.

    The OH S program has been designed to include cleaning employees in the decision making and the development process s to ensure all staff members are aware of the obligations that they are required to meet.
  • At a minimum of every three months, each and every staff member undergoes a staff competency assessment.

    A large proportion of this assessment looks at OH&S issues; the effectiveness of control measures in place and the level of knowledge staff display.

    Following these assessments, employees are delivered a report which identifies all the findings and then management team will discuss improvements that are required to be met in the future.
  • Workplace health and safety policy

    It is the policy of MJ Hygiene Services to provide a safe and healthy workplace to eliminate conditions and incidents that could result in personal injury or illness of health.

    All duties performed by MJ Hygiene is required to comply with state and federal legislation as well as good established practices including Australian standards.

    Effective management of OH&S depends on the commitment and cooperation of the customer s management and polices.

    MJ Hygiene is dedicated to consulting with its staff in a effective manner on OH&S issues, enabling each staff member to contribute to decisions that may effect their health, safety and welfare at work.

    MJ Hygiene ensures all staff members comply with its occupational health and safety polices, procedures and guidelines.

    It is the responsibility of the management of MJ Hygiene Services:

    - To ensure the overall safety of its employees by providing suitable safety equipment.
    - To ensure a safe work environment for all employees.
    - To conduct risk assessments of all process s in which MJ Hygiene is involved, and implementing control measures to ensure identified risks are minimised or eliminated.
    - To liaise with the customer in issues that may cause the safety of MJ Hygiene Services employees to be jeopardised by equipment plant and equipment of the customer.
    - To ensure that employees are trained in safety issues, and to keep records of training, safety related incidents and the investigation of these incidents.
Health and safety

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