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Industrial cleaning of establishments

MJ hygiene services specialises in tailoring a sanitation program to suit any industry big or small.

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  • MJ Hygiene Management Services understand the need for effective cleaning and sanitation programs to achieve the correct level of hygiene in food handling and production facilities.

    When programs are inadequate or do not exist there is a greater risk of food and plant becoming contaminated by pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms.

    Even with a rigorous routine program, food residues can accumulate over time, particularly in hard to reach areas.
  • Cleaning is best performed when the customers plant is in shutdown mode or outside of food service businesses operating hours.

    MJ Hygiene Management Services develop tailor made sanitation programs to suit the customers plant, building and equipment.

    All of MJ Hygiene Management Services employees are trained in these extensive sanitation programs which incorporate cleaning standards, environmental procedures, safety precautions (developed from risk assessments) and the frequency for planned periodic sanitation programs to be carried out.
  • Throughout employment, all employees undergo competency assessments to ensure staff meet both customers and MJ Hygiene Management Services standards.

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Industrial cleaning

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