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Warehouse and Industrial Cleaning

MJ Hygiene Services is experienced in the rapid and cost-effective cleaning of large warehouses and industrial units.

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  • MJ Hygiene Services clean warehouse floors and walls to remove cobwebs, dirt, paint, oil, and debris from the interior or exterior of warehouses.

    MJ Hygiene Services degrease warehouse floors and use steaming hot 3500 PSI water to remove stains, to ensure the warehouse is cleaned up to all of our customers standards.

    - Driveway Cleaning
    - Roof Cleaning
    - Pool Deck Cleaning
    - Garage Cleaning
    - House Washing
    - Patio Cleaning

    - Pressure Washing
    - Building Washing
    - Window Cleaning
    - Gutter Cleaning
    - Dumpster Pad Cleaning
    - Parking Garage Cleaning

    - Paint Removal
    - Fleet Washing
    - Heavy Equipment Cleaning
    - Oil Removal
    - Warehouse Cleaning
    - Construction Clean-Up
  • Throughout employment, all employees undergo competency assessments to ensure staff meet both customers and MJ Hygiene Management Services standards.

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Ware House Cleaning

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